Stressful move? We don’t feel no stress.

By: follansbeeinn

Mar 03 2013

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From hot humid Louisiana to very cold, crisp New Hampshire. From corporate lawyer to innkeeper (a/k/a cook, janitor, painter, plumber, electrician, yardman. . .); obviously a major life change. While preparing for the move more than one person weary of their position in life queried as to how one makes such a change. I plan to discuss that process, from decision to move to adjustment, in this blog. In hindsight the decision to move toward the new goal was relatively easy. The harder part was actually bringing the decision to fruition and upon accomplishing that, making the adjustment (although the physical move itself should not be overlooked as a source of stress and exhaustion). So here we are, running a beautiful inn in a magnificent part of the country, and like everything in life there is the good points and there are the negatives. For me at least the positives far outweigh the negatives. I’m loving New Hampshire and running Follansbee Inn!


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